Near Real-Time Algal Bloom Monitoring Service for North Atlantic

The latest weekly average of chlorophyll-a surface concentraion and sea surface temperature from Copernicus Marine Environmental Service (CMEMS). Select layers in the uper-left corner of the map.
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Since 1998 the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC) in Bergen, Norway has developed, implemented and operated services utilizing satellite EO data for monitoring of harmful algae blooms (HAB) and water quality (WQ) conditions in aquatic areas. Information needs from the growing Norwegian aquaculture industry and management are the prime use of the service.

The service has been developed from use of the NASA SeaWiFS in 1998 and from 2006 to use the ESA MERIS EO sensor, incorporating also data from other satellite EO sensors and forecasts from numerical ocean models.

Nowadays the service is based on operational products from the Copernicus Marine Environmental Service:

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